Yellow Flower

Water Color Yellow Flower (unsure about the name of the flower). 23cm x 39cm.  Signed and unframed.  This is another painting that was given to a friend in Rizhao.  They have recently moved into a new apartment and my wife and me wanted to give this as a gift for their new home.  I have … More Yellow Flower

Lotus Pond

Water color lotus pond. 55cm x 78cm. Signed and unframed.  This painting is a gift to my uni mate and a life time friend.  My friend wanted to buy a painting in Bali and asked me how to judge whether a painting is worth the price quoted.  This is a very tough question as I … More Lotus Pond

Rose 2

Water Color Roses.  Dimension 38cm x 27cm. Signed and unframed.  This is my second water color roses this year.  I painted this from the picture I took from a garden.  These yellow roses were very matured and closed to dropping, however, they offered a much complex shades of yellow color than the fresh flower which … More Rose 2

Iris 2

Water Color Iris. Dimension 55cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed.  This is my second iris painting.  When I was in LA in 2011, I saw the ‘actual’ Iris by Van Gogh at J Paul Getty Museum, I was glued to the ground in front of that painting for at least half an hour.  Though over … More Iris 2


There are two most important art teachers in my life.  Both are full time artists in Singapore; one taught me Western art and the other taught me Chinese brush painting. My Western art teacher is Mr Tao and my Chinese art teacher is Mr Tan.  Mr Tan is a well known artist in Singapore but … More Teachers


Water color Lotus.  Dimension 53cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed. These lotus are found at the Rizhao National Park.  There are several big lotus ponds there and there is one that is reserved only for the white lotus.  Generally, there are four different colors lotus flower; red/pink, white, yellow and purple.  I have yet to … More Lotus

Water Lily 2

Water Lily 2. Dimension 53cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed. After the first water lily I decided to do one with a darker background.  Since it is a dark background I decided on white color lily flower so that it can create the contrast.  Painting white flower on white paper is not an easy job, … More Water Lily 2