Hi, welcome to my blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a Singaporean but I am now residing in China with my wife. As you know China has a firewall blocking anyone intended to access any external social media or video sites. In order to create this blog I have to break the wall and it is not an easy thing to do.

Anyway, you may ask why am I choosing China as my residing place. There are many reasons but to me the main advantage of staying in China is the four seasons and the diverse things and sceneries China has to offer. As an artist the one season (summer) Singapore and its territory limitation is too boring. I like out door painting and I like to paint from real thing iso using imagination or photos. For example painting of flowers, there are limited types of flowers available in Singapore. But in China different seasons offer different types of flower. I have seen the Iris painted by Van Gogh but I have yet to see a live iris until I moved to China. This is an excitement to me to be able to paint from the real thing.

Though I am a Singaporean but from young I was educated with Chinese history and literature. So, to me Chinese culture is closer to my heart. This land has 5000 years of civilization that I can adsorb into my art. I still have lots to learn from its people, history, culture, literature and art but on the other hand because of Singapore I am also very international. You may be able to see that through my paintings.

My wife is a China national. She is from the North Eastern China which is an extremely cold area of China. She is also one of the reasons why we choose to reside in China. As you can imagine she is my greatest art fan, without her support I wouldn’t be able to have the peace of mind to do my paintings.

There are many things that I wish to write and share about my experience, my life, my thinking and my belief.  You will see that through this blog at later date. Thank you for reading.


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