Water Color on paper.  53cm x 38cm.  Signed and unframed.

There are many types of roses over here in Rizhao, I really got confused and decided to paint the one I found at the garden down below my apartment.  I have seen quite a few video on youtube by various artists teaching rose painting technique.  These artists will paint from imagination and I found the roses painted by them somehow looked the same i.e.. only from certain angle.  Though they looked real and nice but I didn’t want to do that and decided to paint from the real thing.  Human imagination is amazing but in front of God’s creation, no matter how great it is it will look pale!

You may also note that the leaf painted in this painting don’t point to the same direction. This is the way nature is.  There will be leaf that pointed upward, downward, sideway but some will be surely pointed toward you. You will see some lines on the leaf, why is that so? Because it is the shadow from the stems of the rose.  When you paint from real live that will be what you are getting.


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