Water Lily


Water color Water Lily.  53cm x 78cm.  Signed and Unframed.

There are several different colors of water lily flowers at the small pond down stairs my apartment.  My favorite is purple color but there is no purple flower in the pond so for this painting I have to settle for the red ones.  I could have painted this painting with water and reflection but I choose not to do that.  Instead I used light and bright colors for the background in order to give it a happy and festive mood.  Nonetheless I gave the shadow to the water lily flowers and the lily pads just liked they were on the water.

When I first learned how to paint, my art teacher told me to always paint a plain or dull color background, reason being that it will not fight with the main object in the painting.  I suppose this is logical and understandable, however I feel that is only a good to know rule and doesn’t mean you must always follow it.  I personally feel that as long as the background does not mess up the main object and make it unrecognizable, it is okay to use whatever colors or whatever theme you feel like it.


2 thoughts on “Water Lily

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad you like my paintings. If you like to paint I am sure you can do it as well. Painting aren’t that difficult and generally, there are three types of painting; one is realism which is the hardest, second is abstract which you can just follow your heart and emotion and play with the colors, third one is in between neither realism nor abstract, you can paint like a child and apply some simple painting skills. My painting is more of a realism type which have to take care of perspective, shading and structure of the object, etc.. Please do visit my blog once in awhile as I will update with new paintings or any other painting matters. Thank you.


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