Water Lily 2


Water Lily 2. Dimension 53cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed.

After the first water lily I decided to do one with a darker background.  Since it is a dark background I decided on white color lily flower so that it can create the contrast.  Painting white flower on white paper is not an easy job, you would have to capture all the subtle changes in color otherwise the white flower will not stand out or appear solid.  There is also a danger of over applying the color on the white background, the color used have to be very subtle otherwise the flower will not appear as white. If you observed carefully, you will note that there are violet, yellow ochre, Prussian blue, gray, sap green, lemon yellow, burnt umber, crimson red, vermilion and of course white in the flower. In this painting there are more lily pads and also appeared to be more solid as compared to the last one I painted and that is mainly because of lesser light reflection on the leave.  If the sunlight shined directly on the leaf, the color on the leaf will be reflected away and left us only white color.


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