Water color Lotus.  Dimension 53cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed. These lotus are found at the Rizhao National Park.  There are several big lotus ponds there and there is one that is reserved only for the white lotus.  Generally, there are four different colors lotus flower; red/pink, white, yellow and purple.  I have yet to see a purple one and the most common one being red/pink.  Summer is the period that lotus flower would bloom and as you can see from this painting, it is still early for the flowers to come to the full bloom.  As usual, I could have painted this in a more realistic form i.e. with the water and the full details of the surrounding but I choose to paint it with a more lively and surreal back ground.  In this painting I simplified the scene by not adding the depth view as I want the viewers to focus on the flower and the few lotus pads.  The water color applied on this painting is not just a plain color wash, there are many different brush stroke applied and you can only see the details if this picture is enlarged.  Most water color artist will do the traditional color wash on their painting, they are nice and great to reflect the lights and the shadows of the scene.  However, I choose not to do that as I prefer a combination of color wash and solid colors.


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