Lotus 2 (莲花 2)


Water Color Lotus.  Dimension 53cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed.

I always wanted to paint a close up on flower.  Doing close up is different from doing from a distance, it required a lot more details in your work though you can choose not to do that.  The danger of doing more details is that you may be lost in your work especially on the perspective and the colors application.  The painting may end up in the mess or the object may appear to be too flat.  This painting took me much more time to complete because of the added details.  However, I only added the details in the flower and not so much on the lotus leaf.  It is not that I am lazy to do the leaf but because I wanted a contrast between the leaf and the flower.  If everything in the painting is added with such details than the painting will not be so interesting.

You may wonder why there were water droplets on the flower and not a single drop on the leaf, it is because the water droplets were sprayed on by my photography friend.  Though the night before it was raining but there were just a few dew drops on the flower when we were there at around 6am, my friend weren’t too happy about that and decided to help out for his photography shots.

Recently I bought some master artist water colors made by Korea, it was not cheap even after some big discount.  However, I simply love the colors, they were so rich, lively and brilliant as you can see from this painting.

水彩莲花。 尺寸 53cm x 76cm.  註名无框

我一直以来想画个花的近景,现在总算完成了一副荷花近景。 画近景是不容易的因为近景需要添加很多细节否则画会流于呆板。而添加细节却可能会在画的时候造成色彩上的迷失或忘了透视等问题。不过为了增加画的可看性,这画里我只在花上加了较多的细节,荷叶就用了比较简单的画法。

你可能会想为什么只有花上有水珠而叶子上没有?虽然前天晚上下了雨,但是实际上当我们早上到那儿时花上却没多少水珠。 这花上的水珠是我的朋友为了摄影而噴上去的。

最近我在网上买了一盒二十四色韩国水彩,虽然不便宜但质地却是很好,色彩也很鲜艳, 十分喜欢。 这画便是用这韩国水彩画的。


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