Chinese Text (中文)

Today one of my university mate suggested to me to add the Chinese text for the posts I am publishing. She felt that this way I could reach out to the Chinese viewers in the net since I can read and write Chinese.  I too felt that this is a good idea but I have a problem of typing in the Chinese characters on the computer.  Anyway I agreed to try this out on my published post and so I picked Lotus 2 as my first try.  It took me almost 45 minutes to type out almost 300 words of Chinese text.  You can see the result in the re-published Lotus 2 post.  It is really time consuming but I suppose I would get better if I continue to practice this.

今天我的大学同学建议我把博客里的文章翻译成中文,这样华人网友也可以看得懂我的文章。 我觉得这建议挺好便开始尝试把莲花2翻译成中文, 可是因为我的汉语拼音很不好, 打字很慢, 所以花了45分钟才写了300多字。看来我还要多多练习才行。


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