Orchid (胡姬花)

10152410_636120749791484_6740418521407842272_n I painted this in 2014.  It is an oil painting and the flower is orchid, the national flower of Singapore.  Orchid is a strong type of flower, it can last over a week in the vase if you changed the water daily.  The vase is a stone vase which I bought from Taiwan. The stone has a natural multi-color cloud in it as you can see in this painting.  Some vase has such brilliant color that it is very costly. When I first met Mr Tao, my Western art teacher and friend, he told me if you wanted to paint it as real as a photo, DON’T paint!  Save the effort and use the camera just take a shot.  The great Chinese Master QiBaishi also said the something, he said, ‘A good piece of painting should be in between real and unreal.’.  Too real you will leave viewers with no imagination and too unreal is a cheating to the viewers.   Some people may disagree with this view especially those that are doing abstract or modern art. But, please don’t get me wrong, over here we are talking about doing a realist painting and not abstract nor modern expression.  If you are doing abstract art or something similar, there is no such thing as real or unreal.  People will be able to appreciate the painting more if you let them participate in the painting.  That means let them use their eyes and imagination to see the painting.  Don’t dictate every details in the painting like a photo.  We always wow the super realism painting and said it is so real, just like a photo! We may wow this kind of painting but this painting will not last i.e. one will lost interest very soon.  A good painting is the one you will always want to come back and look at it.  Some will even increase your interest over time. In this painting, as you can see I used black to outline the shape of the flower but intentionally left out the lines in between the flowers.  Hopefully that will leave the viewers to wonder how the flowers intertwined with each other.  Secondly, I did an abstract background instead of a real surrounding and the incomplete table top which hopefully would add some interesting points to this painting.  Hope you like this painting too.

这油画是我在2014年画的。 画的是胡姬花, 新加坡的国花。  胡姬花是一种顽强的植物,它在花瓶里可以生存一至两星期如果瓶里的水每天换的话。画里的花瓶是我在台湾买的。 这花瓶是石头雕成的, 从画上可以看出石上有天然彩色花纹。

当我第一次见陶老师时, 他就跟我说, ‘画画如果要画的像就不用画, 用像机拍个像便行!’。 国画大师齐白石也说过同样的话,他说,‘画就要在像与不像之间。’  画的太像让人没有想像空间, 画的不像便是欺骗看画的人。有些人可能不会同意这种说法, 尤其是画抽像画或者现代画的。 可是请不要误会, 这说法并不包括抽像画,抽像画并无像与不像的问题。画如果画的很像可能会让人惊讶,但是它的可看性和回味性会是很低的。 反之画的七分像的画,观看者会用他们的眼睛与想像力补充画里的不足, 这使观看者有参与的感觉,也就能使他一再回看,甚至乐此不倦!

从以上这幅油画就可以看出我并没有把胡姬花用黑线勾画出来,就是为了让看画的人自己去琢磨。 而画的背景我则用了抽像画的画法来增加画的兴趣点,


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