Iris 2

WeChat_1437402427 Water Color Iris. Dimension 55cm x 78cm.  Signed and unframed.  This is my second iris painting.  When I was in LA in 2011, I saw the ‘actual’ Iris by Van Gogh at J Paul Getty Museum, I was glued to the ground in front of that painting for at least half an hour.  Though over 100 years have passed but the colors used by Van Gogh on that painting were still so alive and bright.  The combination of blueish-purple and green were so stunningly beautiful.  However, I later realized that it was only a duplicate painting because the real one was much bigger than the one on display.  This also explained why the guard standing near by was not very concerns about viewers that were crowding in front of that painting.  In fact, I was a little puzzled then as to why we could get as close as to about 3 feet away from the painting and we were only barred from it by a rope barrier.  Anyway, I would say that the duplicate was very well done. There were also a few other Van Gogh’s paintings and two or three Picasso’s paintings in the Museum as well as some other world famous artist’s paintings there, I am now wondering whether they were all the originals.

I painted this Iris from the pictures I took at the Nine Celestials Garden at Rizhao. But I only took the images of the flowers and not the other details.  If you expect such vast expanse of landscape in that Garden, you will be greatly disappointed.

水彩鸢尾花。尺寸55cm x 78cm。这是我第二次画鸢尾花。 2011年我在美国洛杉机的J. Pual Getty艺术馆第一次看到梵高的鸢尾花,我当时就像着了魔似的站在那画前良久。一百多年已经过去了但是那紫蓝色的花看来还是那么的炫艳动人,就有如刚画好了似的。可是后来我才知道原来那并不是真画因为真画比我看到的要大的多。其实在我看画时我已经觉得有点怪因为如此名画保安却很松卸,我甚至可以走至画前两三尺观赏。现在回想起馆里的其他梵高,毕加索等名家画作想来也可能是仿造的。



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