Rose 2


Water Color Roses.  Dimension 38cm x 27cm. Signed and unframed.  This is my second water color roses this year.  I painted this from the picture I took from a garden.  These yellow roses were very matured and closed to dropping, however, they offered a much complex shades of yellow color than the fresh flower which I find it more interesting. In youtube you will find many videos teaching you how to paint roses and you would see most of these artists painted them with imagination ie. without the live object.  And, most Chinese brush artist do the same as well and not only for the roses but also for other objects including landscape they were painting. Eventually, you will find these paintings tend to look the same.  I am not sure what is the exact reason why these paintings tend to look the same but one thing for sure is that no matter how great your imagination is, there is no way one can over do the nature.  From this painting of mine, I am sure no other artist who paints from his mind will be able to produce image of such flowers with such shape and structure.

In the photo the leaves were much obvious than in this painting, since I want the yellow roses to stand out I decide to darken the back ground and hide most of the leaves. I guess I have succeeded in this aspect.

水彩玫瑰。尺寸38cm x 27cm. 这是我今年第二张水彩玫瑰。


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