Yellow Flower


Water Color Yellow Flower (unsure about the name of the flower). 23cm x 39cm.  Signed and unframed.  This is another painting that was given to a friend in Rizhao.  They have recently moved into a new apartment and my wife and me wanted to give this as a gift for their new home.  I have signed this painting with my Chinese name and with a Chinese seal.  This is the way Chinese painting has been signed for thousand years.  Usually a Chinese painting will also leave enough white space on the painting to accommodate a poem or some text to express the thinking behind the painting.  However, I have skipped that since this is not really a Chinese painting.

In the old time as a Chinese artist, beside painting skill one must also be good in calligraphy, poetry and seal carving, otherwise the person would not be considered as an accomplished artist.  However, in today most Chinese artists has skipped the poetry but calligraphy and seal are still considered to be the important part of the painting.


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