Water Lily

Water color Water Lily.  53cm x 78cm.  Signed and Unframed. There are several different colors of water lily flowers at the small pond down stairs my apartment.  My favorite is purple color but there is no purple flower in the pond so for this painting I have to settle for the red ones.  I could … More Water Lily


Water Color on paper.  53cm x 38cm.  Signed and unframed. There are many types of roses over here in Rizhao, I really got confused and decided to paint the one I found at the garden down below my apartment.  I have seen quite a few video on youtube by various artists teaching rose painting technique. … More Rose


Water Color Iris on Chinese rice paper.  45cm x 45cm.  Signed and unframed. This iris is found during the late spring time at the community garden at where I stay. When I first saw this flower I didn’t know its name till my wife did a search on Internet. I was excited when I knew … More Iris


Hi, welcome to my blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a Singaporean but I am now residing in China with my wife. As you know China has a firewall blocking anyone intended to access any external social media or video sites. In order to create this blog I have to break the … More Me